Learn About Moods and Money


My moods to attract money are being happy to what I want to have. I love the trick in the book that says “to be grateful when your mood is high and graceful when it low.”

Have you observed your moods? Do you use it properly?

When you are in a positive emotions, love, happy, sharing, passionate etc. you’re in a good mood. The energy you have at the moment is so powerful that everybody can feel what it is in you. Try to close a sale or try to start your work and you can deliver well. But when you where in a bad mood, having a feeling and emotions of being sad, frustrated, worried, hate, etc. you can feel yourself lock and it’s hard to move on.

It’s hard to work in a bad mood

To share my experience how I use my moods perfectly is when I work. Honestly it’s hard to work in a bad mood. It’s disturbed your mind and freezes you up, and don’t know what to do. While you’re in good mood you can easily figure out what next and you can work very well and efficiently. All possibilities will come up to your mind and you can have abundant of resources.

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