KISS my heart like keep it safe and secure


Why do I love to blog about kiss? It is because it feels so amazing; you can express it in many ways. I will share little tips about kiss but my topic is not really about kissing. It’s about keep it safe and secure.

Kissing Tips in a relationship

Don’t attempt or try to kiss someone without feelings. Check out the formula if you have all the given sign. Feelings + Willingness + Pleasure = Good Kiss and both of you must feel it at the same time. Then you can express what love is. Just do it on the right place to keep it safe and secure.

Gains more trust by KISS (keep it safe and secure)

Don’t spill any confidential words you have from people who trust you. They want the information to keep it safe and secure with you. Be glad to those people who trust you to know their confidential information and give respect for whatever it is.

When people trust you, they can give you something to k.i.s.s. and you can make a difference.

Earn money by KISS (keep your Investment safe and secure)

Learn how to invest in commodities that are increasing in values. Gold and Silver investment is now very popular because their value is always going up. You can also buy properties but make is sure that your going to buy a calamity proof property. You can protect your investment by investing more in different asset, we cannot say all of them are secure but at least you will not be going to be broke or lose everything when your investment fail.

When you plan to k.i.s.s. keep investments safe and secure then you have to break your investment into many.

A KISS for SEO expert (keeps it safe and secure)

Search Engine will give a good position on search engine result page when you kept it safe and secure. You don’t have to add malicious application because Google can detect it and the community will going to report your site doing harmful things. Just be share what is good and make your content interesting so that your readers will come back and check your new updates.

What did you learn?

  • Don’t attempt or try to kiss someone without feelings.
  • Trust is a priceless reward you can get; don’t share confidential things about your friends who trust you.
  • You can grow money by investing; break them into many investments so that you will not lose it all at once.
  • Search Engine Result Page will always consider and recommend safe and secure page, they want it this way.
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