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It was 3:30am of June 14, 2010 when I flip the page 27 and No. 11 Hire Up topic from “Don’t Worry Make Money”. I am about to sleep at the moment but I become interested what lesson I can learn from the topic.

Hiring someone to do the work for you is such a form of leverage. Smart hiring is must to avoid the reverse effect of leverage. Don’t hire a people that are not capable. I see myself as the book explain that “People who are self-employed often fall into the same trap.” I can do myself better than anyone else. I agree that it is really a foolish statement.

Sometimes I’m afraid to work with the person who I see better than me because I’m afraid that idea can be stolen. I try to look for people that I still have to train, this is good but there is always a better way. The book is right that if you are going to hire it must be better than you so that you can learn more from them and gain more time from them.

If I’m going to laundry all my clothes for a day I will miss to earn let say 100% more than I can pay for a laundry shop. I’d rather pay 10% if my income for the laundry and do my work to earn 100% of my income. If I have a salary of P1,000.00 for a day I would rather pay P100. 00 pesos for someone who can clean my laundry.

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