I never expect myself playing golf and I don’t plan to do it. But then I experienced it and it was fun. I was invited by Lutchie to play golf with her at Orchid Country Club. She borrowed the set club from her friend Nick and bag is heavy. That time I realized that who would carry that bag if I wasn’t there.

We play on Driving Range that is known as one of the biggest driving range in South East Asia for having 160-bay. I like the automatic tee-up system activated with a smart card. The ball is automatically loading on the tee when the sensor senses it’s gone. It’s said to be the only auto-tee system in Singapore.

Golfing for the first time

I thought it was easy. Yes it is not easy for the first timer like me. When I strike the ball, I miss many times. Then I observe other how they do it. Lutchie is coaching me how and I learn from what she told me. You have to be focus and precise motion to hit the ball. You have to learn the perfect swing. When I am striking the ball hard, I miss the shot many times and hit it when I strike slowly. If you want to learn the perfect swing you have to start hitting the ball slowly and develop your motion skills. When you got the skill you can add more power to your shot.

What did you learn?

  • Orchid Country Club has the biggest golf driving ranges in South East Asia and the only auto tee-up system in Singapore.
  • It is easier to learn when you have a coach.
  • Skills can be develop and enhance.
  • You don't have to be rich to play golf.