Eliminate your most self-defeating belief


The lack of motivation and courage can form this kind of attitude.

Self-defeating belief can be overcome by loving and knowing more about your self. This is an inside job, to battle against your negative subconscious mind and never let any of it influence you.

This attitude will discourage you with “you can’t do it attitude.” And influence you by “giving up to soon.” Overcoming your self-defeating belief can move things fast.

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Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

Self-defeating belief is like when you first try a roller-coaster ride. A minute before the ride you felt nervous. Being afraid of heights plus feeling nervous is one of your self-defeating beliefs. We over come that feeling as soon as we get over the ride. There are two things that can happen; one is to overcome your fear and to fail experiencing the roller-coaster ride. This story happens to me on our high school field trip at Enchanted Kingdom, Sta. Rosa Laguna. We rush to the space shuttle as we enter the gate. We want to ride the roller-coaster first of all the rides. Some of us back up from the falling line. After the rides you can hear two things, it was great and I will never try it again.

Sometimes we back out or quit even there is so many possibilities that we can. If you really want to succeed in this situation, you must find courage, have faith and inspirations. Your action will move to eliminate your self-defeating beliefs.

Look at the child, who knows nothing, they are not afraid to ask what they want. They will do everything to achieve what they want. It is because they don’t know about defeat and they just pursue what they want. They get two results in the end, fail or succeed. We don’t want to fail again next time so we avoid doing that mistake again. This develops our self defeating belief that we never notice and had this fear as we grew up.

This attitude will not really help you to move on. You’re slow in progress. When you want something to accomplish remove your self-defeating belief out of your way. If you want to pass on the board exam, then review as if is you will never fail. Because if you think you will fail on the exam then your review is just a waste of time, but then if you believe that you can really pass, your review will be worth afterwards. You will see the difference in your action when you believe or not.

Overcoming your fear will help to remove your self-defeating belief. This is not an easy thing just like a habit that you want to avoid. Practice and look for help. You can do it alone but it will be more luck with the help of others. They can give you more motivation and inspiration to overcame your fear and change your self-defeating belief to challenging triumph moment.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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