The law of attraction is always working. Design it!

Ever wonder how law of attraction! Most often you program it unconsciously and you are not aware. The law of attraction works simple. The strongest attraction and possibilities will be your best result. This is how the law of attraction works. If you are really aware and conscious on its process you can design a good future.

jennifer salaiz quotes

Before I close my eyes again

I want to see how beautify smile painted on your face
I appreciate the love reflected on the colorful canvas.
I am going to love you now because tomorrow is not yet to come.
And continue loving you until the next time I close my eyes for forever.

My Photography Checklist 2014

You know that experience will teach you more and help you master the skills you need in photography. Now I want to invite people and go places where I can manage to gain more experience.

I wanted to learn photography because I love to bring back the moments and feelings when you look back on the photo. Photograph is one of the best tools to remember and it is not always the image that is preserved it includes the feelings.

2nd Asian Networkers Conventions and Expo – Press Conference

Philippines, the home of thousand leaders and passionate networkers, is ready to welcome 7000 delegates across Asia for the 2nd ANNUAL ASIAN NETWORKERS CONVENTION 2014. Movers and shakers in field of direct selling and MLM industry, together with the trainers, motivational speakers, researchers, educators and distributors from around the world will once again gather in this prestigious event.

Summer Class 2014 at NEU

Just like before the last school year in college, I always miss the first day of the class and get lost going to the classroom. I missed the first day because I enrolled late. I am a bit lost as the surrounding changed. I stop going to school last June 2001 and return as old returning students.

My first photo shoots with Image Boost Photoshoot Production

Kitty arranged this event and luckily I was able to attend and join on their photo shoots last April 8, 2014. Meeting them for the first time makes me feel a little shy as first timer. I hope to remember all the names of the model and photographer; it is nice and fun to meet them all.

Surfing with Joel Faraon

I need to try surfing to say and proved that it is easy or hard for me. My first attempt was a failure and it becomes my learning point to adjust what to do next. We are lucky to have Mr. Joel Faraon as coach as he is the champion of the 8th Aurora Surfing Challenge 2014 for Mens Open Division. Many thanks brother for coaching me and the rest of my colleague.

Starmobile Octa Core Android Jelly Bean Smartphone

My first high end phone at low price is made possible my Smartmobile Octa. From the name itself, it has octa core cpu. I like it as my pocket digital SLR with wide angle lens, auto focus and BSI tech for high image quality. I got a good price for high end specs.

It’s good to travel with friends and others even though you’re meeting them for the first time.

This is my first time visit to Palawan. I grabbed the opportunity to join with my friend’s journey to El Nido Palawan. It is hard for me to plan a travel trip on my own that is why I feel good when someone planned it for me.