lingap sa mamamayan yolonda

We are stronger than Yolanda

This poem is my tribute to the victims of the strongest typhoon Yolanda “Haiyan” recorded in the history. Yolanda hit central area of Philippines. Many lives lost and destroyed the livelihood of the people. I really don’t care much as I expected that the storm is not that destructive. But then what happen is different from what I am expecting. My sympathy get stronger and touched my heart to offer my help.

Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Challenge

I remember the last time when Minute Maid Pulpy Orange appeared on my NuffNang ads at My opportunity to earn little by little, not much and not enough but I am very thankful because it is better than nothing. Now I have different challenge with Minute Maid Pulpy orange juice drink. But today it […]

Mid-Year Thanksgiving To God 2013

This year is so good to me. Less worries and troubles. I cannot avoid losing people I love but still I want to say thanks for having them as part of my life. Thank you for the strangers, I believe some of them will be called in your Church. I am thankful for making me friendly; I can use this to invite more souls to become yours in the Church Of Christ. I have more prospects to gather in sharing the Truth. Thank you for making me an instrument.

Transform yourself with Schick

When I was at age of seven, my brother told me that after 10 years I will become a beard man. I never thought that I am thinking to become The Man of Steel instead of hairy and scary man. I am glad to see Schick. Free your skin like superman use his laser eye shave mustache smooth and clean.

If I can become a superman for a week, then I can do something good with my power. Whatever it is I will act humble as superman itself in the story.

I am excited to watch the movie “The Man of Steel” and I’ve been always checking the teaser timely. I also expect that this is the part one and more movies to come. Watching the first part makes me always interested on the second, third and more.

I had never try Schick, but this turn of event can make me start Schick. Free your skin. When I started to try something and I feel good about it, then I can use it and even recommend to my friends.

If you are excited then join with me on June 12, 2013, You can win a free ticket by joining on this contest. Click on the poster to join the contest.

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Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.

Singapore Life Unplanned Adventure

I am being thankful for what happens to me here in Singapore. It was on my mind but It did come out with out a plan. I has to do with a quick decisions for the opportunity to do somethings new, good, and adventure. I had new friends and learned more things during these days.