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Would you rather be right than happy?

The person who knows how to sacrifice happiness to be righteous is living by his principle. What is happiness anyway if you’re the only one who can feel it? They believe that being right is a seed of happiness that can grow abundantly.

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Learn when to let go and move on.

Learning when and why you should let go is important in making a lifetime decisions especially in relationship. It is also important with regards with money and investment. To let go of your job and comfort zone. You may not notice the danger if you are not aware that you should let go or hold on.

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KISS with Courage

Keep Inner Strength Strong with Courage and understand the reason behind your purpose. Without courage our action can be paralyzed and we are letting go of the things we desire. You not demonstrate courage, but you can give reasons why the things cannot be done without courage.

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Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 Advantages for the blogger.

A blogger can ask for high pays because they are risking themselves to publish an article that can be sensitive and even if it isn’t. As a blogger I would feel more respectful and professional doing my hobby or job. And I am more confident to ask more pays than before.

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KISS my heart like keep it safe and secure

Why do I love to blog about kiss? It is because it feels so amazing; you can express it in many ways. I will share little tips about kiss but my topic is not really about kissing. It’s about keep it safe and secure.

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What can I say about KISS

I want to write about KISS ( Keep It Simply Short ) and I want to learn how it can be useful in many ways. Now who wants to give me a KISS demo and let’s experience what it is.

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Mid-Year Thanks Giving to God 2012

Life’s indeed full of adventures, success and failure. God that I’ve suffer from some emotional pain and it is You who I lean on, because I believe that Your love is more than enough to heal any pain occurring into my life.

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I want to make a memory

I just wonder how you would feel when the one you’ve lost is me. I have done bad and good things to you but what is important to me is to know how much you acknowledge me for who I am after I die.

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