Why Do I Love Google Adsense On my Blogs

When you take care of something useful, they will return goodwill that you can enjoy more. All I can do now is to say thank you Google for providing us this wonderful service.

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Manny Pacquiao obviously give the fight to Timothy Bradley

Sometimes the people who step on the ring are not themselves who is playing boxing.

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Collecting Gold and Silver

The gold, silver and other precious metals are the best collections when you are considering the product value compared to other collections that might drop its value. The gold and silver will is predicted to increase their value because of the demands.

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Pure Gold and Silver in Singapore

Investing precious metal like gold is more popular in small country rather than real-estate. Because the real estate property is limited and getting crowded, gold and other precious metal is the best choice for investment.
The Gold Traders in Singapore
It is now easy to find traders and gold shop online. You can also order your gold [...]

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Double Major Degree And Masters Programmes

Having good grades is wonderful but having double major degree is awesome. Kaplan in Singapore in Singapore made this possible for students. People love to deal with buy one take one but I think it is the first time to have a double major degree.

“Very often when we are choosing from so many different degree [...]

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We can be anything

Before we become something that we want, we have to create it first in our mind and we can do that by thinking. Our mind can create the idea into reality and it become possible depending on your capacity and how you truly believe.

You cannot be anything if you never tried the things you must [...]

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Golfing at Orchid Country Club Driving Range

I never expect myself playing golf and I don’t plan to do it. But then I experienced it and it was fun. I was invited by Lutchie to play golf with her at Orchid Country Club. She borrowed the set club from her friend Nick and bag is heavy. That time I realized that who [...]

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What it is for me in Singapore?

Now I am looking for a good I.T. jobs in Singapore. I wonder who will find me or where can I find it. I can try any other job in sales and marketing but I wish to be independent businessman. I want more connections and to be with the good team and organizations.

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You Don’t Deserve My Tears

My heart is no longer mine when I give it to you. And it is always with you that’s why it hurts so much when you lie not to me but to yourself. Exactly when you don’t let others know that you have a boyfriend or fiancee or making them feel that you are single. [...]

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