prayer in a crowd Philippine Arena

The First Grand Evangelical Mission at Philippine Arena 2014

It is good to be there at Philippine Arena the world’s largest arena. It has 55,000 sitting capacity. Once again it was filled with people gathering to hear and share the truth written in the bible and I was there to witness the event this day of August 2, 2014.

I am so lucky to get in to the bus going to the arena because the bus was reserved not for us. Some one was able to ask if we can ride together with them and get lucky to have a sit.

I went separated from my colleague at the bus because I am starving and I went for a place to eat. I’ve been alone for a while until Lindsay Lapitan saw me and approached me to join them with her family and friends.

Performers, singers and dancers entertained the crowd before the evangelical mission starts around 4:45pm with a prayer.

Philippine Arena make this is the biggest crowd that I been participated.

With that kind of numbers, you will gain new friends and prospects.

After the gathering I went straight back to the bus 94 to retain my sit but it is already full. That time, I am missing the chance to capture the night view of the arena outside so I left the bus and the bus don’t wait for me and go off. It’s okay because I manage to get few shoots of the night view of the Philippine Arena.

I found another bus and lucky to get in the bus heading to QC Capitol. I jump off the bus stop at New Era Central Avenue and arrived home safe while it is raining.

Mid-Year Thanksgiving To God 2014

Happy mid-year thanksgiving 2014. This mid-year was filled with worries, lost and challenge. Worries to face financial crisis, my father past away last January and facing new challenges in life. I must go on and together with God, you and I are not alone.

I appreciate so much for being a member of Church Of Christ. It’s the only treasure that I can bring to God. There is always a reason to give thanks. Having your life is more than enough to give thanks in what ever situations.

Dear God, thank you for having my dad. He passed away and taught me good values in life. I’m so thankful for having a dad who serve as a role model. We still have a loving mom, thank you for making her cheerful and in good health.

I love making friends, thank you for leading us to find good friends. Some of the are not yet a member of the Church Of Christ, thank you for giving us the opportunity to bear fruits, to invite them become one of your chosen one.

I am financially broke dear God and I am more willing to give thanks for giving me strength and wisdom to face my problem. You are the great listener whenever I talk to You in a prayer.

Thank you for all the opportunities. You offer me a blessing that I am responsible to work for rather than nothing. I appreciate it so much for you’re abundant blessing that I can work for.

I know more about my health conditions, thank you God for making me understand what is good for my health. It is a hard adjustment on my diet but I believe that my reason is enough to stay healthy so that I can always visit your dwelling place to glorify your Name.

Thank You for all the blessing that we have. I am happy to witness the 100 years anniversary of Church Of Christ and we continue to praise and gave thanks dear God.

Know your doubt and think more positive.

Self-help of thinking positive is very helpful and it works. To make  a good end result then you have to think one hundred percent positively, but sad to say it is often times doesn’t work the way as we expected. By thinking positively, you are increasing the probability of good result but you might not always get it.

Doubt is present and that is why we think positive to overcome it. You will get some advice to think positively and have no room for doubt, but you might neglect that the answer might be hidden in your doubt. You have to conquer your doubt first and all the positive things in your mind will emerge one by one. Thinking positive is just making an illusion. You have to make that illusion into reality.

Some people will erase the doubt for you and all you have to do is to trust. This will help you think one hundred percent positive. You are facing on the left and right direction and you don’t know which way is the correct path. Doubt and confusion comes first and it’s hard to decide just by thinking positively. You need to ask who know the correct path and sometimes you have to be patient and wait for the answers.

You cannot think positively if you know that there is something wrong. Simply you cannot pass the exam when forgot to put your name on your test paper. You have to feel self-assured first and think positively. If you really know the answer and understand the question very well, the chance is you are passing the exam with no doubt. Thinking positively that you are included in the top list is more possible.

What did you learn?

Doubt is present and that is why we think positive to overcome it.
You cannot think positively if you know that there is something wrong.
Some people will erase the doubt for you and all you have to do is to trust.

How to remove doubt?

Learn from your doubt because the answer might be hidden in your doubt.
Sometimes you have to be patient and wait for the answers.
Find your confidence, learn and understand because doubts exist with ignorance.

PS: My first time at the driving rage. I think it is very easy to hit the ball one hundred percent in one swing. I failed because I don’t have an experience and know how to swing perfectly. Doubt is not being negative it only push you to learn first so you can be accurate in thinking positively.

The law of attraction is always working. Design it!

Ever wonder how law of attraction works. Here is one of my experience. Most often you program it unconsciously and you are not aware of it. I have a habit of reminiscing the past and its connection to the present.

From the past few weeks I used Facebook to publish all the things that I had experience in Singapore. I imagine the taste of the food, the view of Marina Bay Sand, and walking back to University road from where I stayed in Singapore. I involve all my senses as if I was there and remember the food taste, smells, and the price. I looked back on the photos of MBS where I can still feel the dancing light in front of my eyes. I feel so much of it and I want to go back.

On July 2, 2017 Wednesday, My friend asked me to go back in Singapore and send me money enough to buy two-way ticket. The power of this attraction is amazing where you can able make it happen out of no how.

Don’t make any room for doubt.

My ticket is booked and I am ready, but my mind is confuse because the immigration in Singapore is always checking on me. I can’t avoid thinking what happen last December 31, 2013 that I was not allowed to enter. I also don’t have my debit card and extra money because it was lost. I don’t even have an invitation letter and that is very important.

The law of attraction works simple. The strongest attraction and possibilities will be your best result.

I have a good chance of passing through the immigration but I fail to fill-up  the disembarkation form correctly.

I suppose not to check yes at “Have you ever been prohibited from entering Singapore?” they come to attention that I must be check for interview. I thought that question is asking if I had been been previously inadmissible. What it really means is that “have you been committed crime in Singapore.” Now I think that if I did understand the form well I probably pass the immigration without interrogation.

This is how the law of attraction works. If you are really aware and conscious on its process you can design a good future.

What I really attracted is my curiosity to know what is going to happen on this trip to Singapore and I want to know how will I avoid it. I am also glad that I am always allowed to enter Singapore as long as I have a proper documentation and most important! Money.

jennifer salaiz quotes

Before I Close My Eyes Again

The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist. - Jennifer Salaiz

The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist.

I’ve closed my eyes for too long in the dark
and let this solitude sleeps deep in my heart
I’ve gone too long hiding from reality
But this feelings of love is hunting me

Everything seems over but here I am still waiting.
Like a child believing that stories has a happy ending.
I want to have another walk another time to spend
I want to unlearn what I know about love and love again.

I want to see the beautiful smile painted on your face
I appreciate the love while we're dancing on full moon sway.
I am loving you more than yesterday and each day I do the same
and before I close my eyes again, I know it is love.

About Before I close My Eyes Again

The part of my life where I enjoyed being single. I am learning something new like photography. But I can not avoid to feel the love that surrounds me. Yes I am inspired with all the people I met and that is giving me a sign to find someone where I can fall in love again.

My Photography Checklist 2014

I become more interested in photography when I notice that my photography skills are improving. I want to achieved goals and set direction to make track records and learn something along the way.

You know that experience will teach you more and help you master the skills you need in photography. Now I wanted to start my adventure to gain more experience in photography. I’ll be more friendly and happy to meet new friends and make our time valued to learn.

I love to learn photography because I love to bring back the moments and feelings when you look back on the photo. Photograph is one of the best tools to remember and it is not always the image that is preserved it includes the feelings.

Outdoor Photography

The three venues that I can recommend within Quezon City to perform outdoor photography. My first outdoors photo shoot was held at Wild Life where you can get scene form the lake, bridge, trees, walls, house, grass, woods, and stairs. The Quezon City Memorial Circle is good as it is a well know landmark. The Eco Park at Lamesa Dam is very to Wild Life.

Here are my checklists for outdoor photo shoot

  • The girl with a guitar – I always love music.
  • The girl with umbrella – playing under the sun or getting wet under the rain
  • The girl in the mirror – strong emotional feelings
  • Happy with the balloons – I always think happy with the balloons
  • Playing in the woods – do you want to play hide and seek in the woods

Indoor Photography

Privately public – we shoot you on private but you wanted to show in public.
I don’t have this option in mind just want to make sure that it is included in my checklist.

Food Photography

Food can always be delicious in the photo and my smart phone can handle this most of the time.

Stolen Shots

The sniper style! Making a good shoots behind the scene and perfect timing.

Landscape Photography

I hope to list down a good landmark and it is best for me traveling with friends. Enjoying your photography while spending good time with your friends.

Tools and Gears for Photographer

I also want to invest in my tools and I hope to use them very well.
I need lighting effects life flash, steady lights, umbrella, and reflector. And of course I want new lens, they are expensive but let them be included in my checklist.
I need file storage and I a have SD card for now but I want a big file storage that I can access online or in the cloud.

Friends and Mentors

I need friends, the one that I can share my experience and the one that I can learn too. I always starts this way. Making friends can always bring fun that makes me feel the difference.


2nd Asian Networkers Conventions and Expo – Press Conference

The first convention was indeed very successful in Thailand. Philippine will be hosting the 2nd ANCE (Asian Networkers Convention and Expo). Let us expect to be more fun.

Ms. Universe 3rd runner up Shamcey Supsup at Richmond Hotel hosted the press conference last 28th of May 2014. Representatives from various MLM and direct selling company are present. The media from different station are there too.

It is good to see companies at the same industry gathering together to elevate by educating and helping each other.

Asian Networkers Conventions and Expo OVERVIEW

The very first prestigious Asian Networkers Convention concluded last December 11, 2013 at Bangkok, Thailand. This 3 days convention brought together leaders, trainers, motivational speakers, researchers, educators and distributors from around the world who are engaged in Direct Sales and MLM. The Convention focuses on leadership skills, and market expansion along with networking.

Philippines, the home of thousand leaders and passionate networkers, is ready to welcome 7000 delegates across Asia for the 2nd ANNUAL ASIAN NETWORKERS CONVENTION 2014.

Movers and shakers in field of direct selling and MLM industry, together with the trainers, motivational speakers, researchers, educators and distributors from around the world will once again gather in this prestigious event.

They are the 9 top-notched speakers for ANCE 2014 event, 7 more legends of Direct-selling and MLM industry will complete this speakers list.

The 3-day Convention is exclusive for learning, sharing and mentoring. No recruitment allowed at the Convention.

Venue: The World Trade Center
Date: 18-20 August 2014
Duration: 3 days
Target Crowd: thousands of delegates across Asia
Entrance fee: 3 day pass USD350
Gala Dinner VIP USD 250 (Regular) USD125 (Early Bird Promo)
Expo Fee – FREE (open to public)

The ANCE Gala Dinner and Awards Night

This will be done on August 20, 2014 with the following awards:
APRIL 1 – JULY 15, 2014 Nominations are open and can be submitted from our website or at
MAY 15, 2014 Start of Online Poll
JULY 15, 2014 Deadline of submission of entry and supporting materials
August 15, 2014 Announcement of Finalist
August 20, 2014 Winners are announced at the ANCE Gala and Awards Night

Solo Category
Best Leader of the Year Award
Young Entrepreneur Award
Most Inspiring Story of the Year Award
People’s Choice Award for Leadership
Asian Business Leader of the Year Award
Visionary Leader of the Year Award
People’s Choice Award for Best Speaker
Lifetime Achievement Award

Company Category
Vision Excellence Award
Best New Company of the Year Award
Social Entrepreneur Award
Digital Champion
Most Innovative Company of the Year Award
Best MLM Consultant Award
People’s Choice Award for Best Company

Summer Class 2014 at NEU

This was my first summer class in my life time. Just like before the last school year in college, I always miss the first day of the class and get lost going to the classroom. I missed the first day because I enrolled late. I am a bit lost as the surrounding changed. I stop going to school last June 2001 and return as old returning students.

Summer Class Returning Students

I need my clearance to be signed and approved from different office to grant my summer class. It’s easy but time consuming because you need to queue in line day by day. To cut the story, I shift my course from BS Electronics and Communication Engineering to Computer Science and enrolled late.

Summer Class New Teachers

I have to practice my GLLA, “good learning and listening attitude.” Getting new lessons from my teachers is fun. Sometimes I don’t understand them all, the only thing that make me able to catch up is by having the same reference.

My Economic Teachers is cool.

I like the way she deliver her lessons and share her experience when it is related to the topic. She likes to ask opinions and what we can say about. Learning from sharing is the thing that I can easily digest and understand. I can feel her compassion to help student to pass on here class with kind ways to remind students having trouble on getting good grades.

My Political Science Teacher is a Rock star.

I love rock music and I feel good about it. Good music can be easy to understand that is why I call him a rock star. He discusses lessons and repeat important words to remember. He gives example to make you understand more. Everything is easy to remember and well understood.

My Sociology Teacher in the news.

I watch TV nowadays accidentally and only if someone ask me. Its crazy to have teachers in the news sharing everything she watched from TV, radio and newspaper. This is how she relates the lessons to the class. I have a poor relationship on watching TV, at leas I have a common sense to understand.

New Classmates and Friends

To my classmates who remember my name, it is my pleasure to know you more because it is a great sign of friendship. I love making friends with same vision and goals. I hope that I can inspire you too along the way we walk together by friendship. Spending my time with you at the campus is a good experience.

Having Fun

The most important lesson is having fun and it’s a good source of learning. Being cheerful is having all of your senses in good mood and being happy is always easy to remember. Have fun going to school, give a good smile at the security guards, entering the room with good mood, eating together with classmates and saying goodbye for the day as if you were excited to see them the next day.

My first photo shoots with Image Boost Photoshoot Production

Kitty arranged this event and luckily I was able to attend and join on their photo shoots last April 8, 2014. Meeting them for the first time makes me feel a little shy as first timer. I hope to remember all the names of the model and photographer; it is nice and fun to meet them all.

 The Photographer

I have not learn how to take a good shoots from my Canon 1100D and I took this opportunity to gain experience of taking a good shoots. It’s nice to meet other photographer who’s giving me tips and advice. Thank you sir Tony, Naz, Mario, and Alex.

The Venue

The Wild life in Quezon City is a good venue for outdoor photo shoots. You can set different background from lake, trees, grass, bridge, and sunsets.

The Photo Shoots Model

I don’t know but it feels like you have to build trust first compare to food photography done on my phone. I am bit confuse on what to do on my shoots it is the first time I am doing this for models that I also meet for the fist time.

The Photo

I see that most photo shoots I did was blurry. Probably 10 out of 100 photos are good. I want to share this because it’s the beginning of my career in photography. Please check some of my photo process image.

The Appreciation

The best result is when you feel like being acknowledged and this is priceless moment. Thank you so much for making me feel good.