My first photo shoots with Image Boost Photoshoot Production

Kitty arranged this event and luckily I was able to attend and join on their photo shoots last April 8, 2014. Meeting them for the first time makes me feel a little shy as first timer. I hope to remember all the names of the model and photographer; it is nice and fun to meet them all.

Surfing with Joel Faraon

I need to try surfing to say and proved that it is easy or hard for me. My first attempt was a failure and it becomes my learning point to adjust what to do next. We are lucky to have Mr. Joel Faraon as coach as he is the champion of the 8th Aurora Surfing Challenge 2014 for Mens Open Division. Many thanks brother for coaching me and the rest of my colleague.

Starmobile Octa Core Android Jelly Bean Smartphone

My first high end phone at low price is made possible my Smartmobile Octa. From the name itself, it has octa core cpu. I like it as my pocket digital SLR with wide angle lens, auto focus and BSI tech for high image quality. I got a good price for high end specs.

It’s good to travel with friends and others even though you’re meeting them for the first time.

This is my first time visit to Palawan. I grabbed the opportunity to join with my friend’s journey to El Nido Palawan. It is hard for me to plan a travel trip on my own that is why I feel good when someone planned it for me.

Day hike at Mt. Batulao and Bulalo Soup at Mohogany Tagaytay

I am featuring amazing day hike climb at Mt Batulao, January 25, 2014 with my friends Leah Tabios and her friends. I met her friend Janine and Shella for the first time on that day. We expect a good side trip coffee break at Starbuck ok our way back home but we ended having a Bulalo Soup and Tawilis. The coffee is free on that eatery just ask for it.

From where his strength comes?

The unseen power of love gave so much strength to my father's will to survive in his current sickness. He almost gave up because of pain and being tired, but with love and support knowing that all the love ones is there fore him, he never give up and lose hope. He’s will to survive is greater when he can feel the love from us. My fathers’ life is almost taken away but with the love and care that we show to him, he managed to recover his breath back.

Why I Love To Hike

Never lose the kids in you! Going up and down is challenging and the experience at the top is rewarding. This is how I forget the rest of the world and enjoy my life at the moment.

The 100 Peso Bill with Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial Logo

Bangko Central ng Philipinas recognize the INC centennial celebration this coming July 27, 2014. The 100 peso bill is printed with INC centennial logo. I think it is very special bank note for INC members especially for me that’s why wanted to have it in my possession. It will be more useful to use in thanksgiving day rather than keeping.

Year End ThanksGiving to God 2013

Thank you for all the trust and respect that I gain this year. Having more connections with great people is such a wonderful blessing. They become the channel of my blessing. Thank you God for letting them be part of this year journey. Though I was been in many struggle, God provide me the wisdom to manage and handle it. And now the year is about to end I love to give few details and significant things that I want to give thanks.