Become Less Reactive and More Responsive


Being reactive is like making decisions without thinking. It can cause failure or worsen the event if the decision is not correct.

I remember the story of the father hit the hand of his five years old son with a wrench. The child was hit because his father got mad when his son wrote something on his car. His father didn’t want his sons’ finger to be broken but it’s too late. After that he saw the word “I Love You Dad” written on his car. His son asks his father gently “when will my finger grow back.”

From that story lets make it being responsive. When the father see his sons scratch his car instead of making himself angry he, try to think of a solutions to fix it relax and calm. We know that a five years old child don’t know what they did after. The boy  just wanted  to say "I love you" to his dad. The boy don’t mean bad thing at all. It happen to people who don’t know how to act responsive.

To be responsive is being on our most relaxed state of mind. To see bigger picture and take things less personally, rather than being rigid and stubborn we are flexible and calm. Seeing bigger picture of you can able you to see it more clearly. Having a clear vision can send you a relaxed state of mind, good mode and happy feelings.

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A responsive mind is fertile ground of success. When your mind is clear and relaxed, you pave an open channel for abundance and joy. There is a direct and clear relationship between how much time you spend in a responsive state of mind and your own level of success. The more you are able to stay out of reactivity, the more opportunities will present themselves. Beginning right now, use the power of responsiveness to create your own success.

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  1. sows
    sows says:

    ...added the fact that the boy is JUST a boy. the dad just have to think or look at wat his son is up to.

    now im nose bleeding big tym, thnx 2 ds post. :p


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