We’re just both here at the same room;
Together but still we’re alone
There isn’t any affection;
We’re trying to get connections
It’s good to hug your girlfriends' heart,
And look on her sweet loving eyes
A warm caress and gentle kiss;
Sharing the air we couldn’t breathe.
But we are really miles apart;
Defying love remain untold
To the future it is behold;
Shall I remain till I grow old?

About A Kiss Apart

This poem is just a mixed of my emotions from the different person I kindly like so much. It is a mere compilation of my thoughts about them. Honestly I wanted to write a birthday poem to Lutchie but it does not appear to be a birthday poem. If you want to ask about the gentle kisses, it’s for my friend who’s name is Ma. Lourdes. And I don’t know about the last part, because maybe it will turns to be Grace you.

couple kissing

Couple Kissing

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