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Hi, I am happy to share my Facebook Cover Photo to you. The images and words of the design are collected from the internet and not mine unless stated. I am please to credit anonymous and know owner of the photo as well as the quotes. Read the disclaimer here.

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How to add meta tag description between head tag of your wordpress blog?

Learn how to edit your wordpress theme function and insert meta tag description between your head tag. It is important to tell the search engine the summary of the page content and it also the best way to describe what is it to the readers.

Year-End Thanksgiving to God 2014

My offering may not be enough to give thanks. It’s all that I have to offer and my self to give thanks. Thank You. Thank You. With so much love, hope and faith! I can’t say much how I should thanks God for being good to me. Dear God thank you so much for accepting my thanksgiving.

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I love to share my thoughts and idea on my blogs, read it and you will get to know more about me. I want to talk about awesome things that inspire me and hope you too.

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I like to share what I’ve learned inside the “Don’t Worry, Make Money” by Richard Carlson, Ph. D. It can be our guide to “spiritual and practical ways to create abundance and more fun in your life.”
In this blog I wanted to cover my inspirational book “If I really wanted to make a difference I would...” I use to read this book when I started doing Multi Level Marketing business ( Forever Living Products Philippines International ) and now I love to read it again and share what I've learned from my experience related to the content of the book.
This is a new section on my blog and I hope to share more about my experience on it.
I love to share nice stories with hope and values. Some of my poems.

Introduction to Internet Marketing

You can create a system that can filter only positive customer on your prospect list.
You need tools to build a system that will work 24/7hrs. All you have to do is to make it run when it is done.
Knowing how your system works and make adjustment is important. This is how you can able to create strategies.
Effective advertisement is the key factor to make your system run. Your system must be able to reach target audience to perform its task. Lets go to AskUpline.Com and check how I make money at the comfort of my home.

Offline To Online Marketing

I am your coach for your offline and online marketing. Enhance your personal touch and multiply your value.

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My commitment to give good services is always been on top. Why struggle much if you can have ask for supports.